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British General - a survivor

British General survived, where others perished.

It is merely four years ago since the treacherous bushfires, north of Melbourne, destroyed everything in its path, with the terrible loss of human life, homes gone up in flames, stock losses huge, plus the loss of fencing as far as the eye can see, and beyond.

The devastation was horrendous, almost beyond belief, with one foul swoop the entire countryside was blackened, people walking about in a complete haze, but at least thankful for being saved.

Every family in the region suffered losses; hardly anyone was spared as flames swallowed up every creature and structure in its path, at the speed of an express train.

The Brown family, David and Kathy, of Strathewen, suffered, but not as much as some others, fortunately there was no loss of human life and they still had a home to return to.

However, there were still losses, a barn full of hay, stables, miles of fencing, all material things, but the loss of four thoroughbred mares, three foals, and two retired racehorses, was a sad homecoming for the family.

Among the four mares was the Stakes winner British Lion, she didn’t have a foal with her, she obviously missed in the previous season, her last living foal, now a yearling colt by General Nediym, was still was in the stable as the ferocious fire drew closer.

British General 01-01-2013 WIN Flemington 7 Sli  DSC 2378 Custom

 British General wins again

David remembered opening the stable door and giving the young yearling colt a slap on the back side, it was then time for man and beast to be on his own way as the yearling colt galloped away into a cloud of smoke, his destiny unknown.

It had been a long day, and the night was much longer, when a noise of trampling hooves was heard outside the house, it was the yearling colt, he had been spared, he either knew where to hide or he outran the fire.

Irrespective, there were tears of joy, he was greeted by a welcoming party, and there was some light at the end of the tunnel on the darkest day in the lives of so many people.

Now known as British General, he is raced by his proud owner breeders, David and Kathy Brown, he may have just outrun the fire, as he outran his rivals winning his last two starts at Flemington, taking his total of wins to six from 10 starts, that is not the last we will hear of him, he is a highly promising gelding, lightly raced, with a bright future ahead of him.

British General is trained by Dan O’Sullivan at Ballarat, it was the second leg of a winning double, and he had won earlier in the day with Tuscan Fire, a double on New Year’s Day, a good reason to take the family down to Ocean Grove for a few days.

As for British General, he is doing just nicely; there will be another race coming up for him again shortly, possibly Flemington, he has an affinity with headquarters.

British General 01-01-2013 WIN Flemington 7 Sli  DSC 2435 Custom

Dan O'Sullivan with winning owners



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