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Spirit of Boom Leads the Way

Breeding thoroughbreds can be an exasperating experience, or exciting, it is very much how your luck is running, once you are hooked there is no turning back, you are in for the long haul if your intention is to be successful.

Sure there are pitfalls along the way, most breeders are optimists, they have to be, they have to wait two and a half years before knowing if the livestock companies will accept their horses, when the time comes to sell them.

It is a high risk industry that has to be accepted, those that buy have had a lot of experience, they will knock a horse back with the slightest fault, others may accept that and take a punt.

The period of gestation is eleven months, fashions can change quickly, the selected mate for your mare may have gone off the boil, it can be a fickle industry that has to be accepted.

Yet it is a marvellous industry if you are an optimist, and most of us are, there can be of a pot of gold hanging at the end of every rainbow.

Widden Stud celebrates its 150 years anniversary, and Eureka Stud has been in the care of the McAlpine family for near on a century.

Eureka Stud, on the rich Darling Downs, is home to Spirit of Boom, he is leading the way on the first season’s sires list, with six winners of eight races, including two stakes races.

Scott McAlpine believed in Spirit of Boom, he was a good racehorse, he never stopped trying and is becoming a much sought after sire with the results he is achieving.

Spirit of Boom has defied modern day logic, with the majority of stud masters believing a stallion should have been lightly raced, with a maximum of a dozen race starts, having their first starters by the time they are seven year old, and a dominant sire line.

While Spirit of Boom can scoff at all those theories, he did it his way; he is the exception, but not the rule.

He was a very sound racehorse, that is a great quality in a thoroughbred, and he is obviously passing that quality on to his progeny.

Spirit of Boom is an exciting sire, he is siring early maturing horses, he suits those that are looking for an early monetary return, two year old racing continues to increase in prize money.


Jonker, by Spirit of Boom, is the current favourite for the Magic Millions Classic, he strolled in with the Classic at Wyong recently, his trainer, David Atkins, has him as fit as hands can make him, he is right on track.

A win by Jonker in the Classic on Saturday, there would be still four more lots to be sold on Saturday evening and Sunday.

He has become a very popular sire, he getting progeny that are genuine racehorses .

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