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New Sires for Newgate

Henry Field is wasting no time introducing four of the best credentialed young horses to take up stud duties at Newgate, Aberdeen, in the coming season, which commences in September.

He has skimmed the cream of the crop for Newgate in Capitalist, Extreme Choice, Flying Artie and Winning Rupert; there is nothing left on the sideboard.

Service fees have already been announced for Capitalist, the champion two year old of last season, after winning the Golden Slipper Stakes he is fully booked and will cover 180 mares in the coming season, his service fee is set at $50,000 plus GST.

All are three year olds rising four, with the exception of Winning Rupert, who will be three when he takes up stud duties, a nice book of mares awaits him, that will give him every chance at present, he has 155 bookings at a fee of $20,000 plus GST

Stud fees have also been announced for both Extreme Choice and Flying Artie, the best two year olds of last season out of the Mick Price yard, each will stand for $35,000 plus GST.

Capitalist and Winning Rupert are both by Written Tycoon, they may well establish the cracking good looking chestnut as a sire of sires.

Capitalist GS Custom

Capitalist winning the Golden Slipper Stakes  

Henry is right on the ball, he has the dollars and he has secured potentially the four best young horses in the world, there are exciting times ahead for Newgate, the stud that is becoming a major player in the thoroughbred breeding industry.

All were prominent two year olds, all million dollar horses plus, Australia breeds the best sprinters in the world, while stake money continues to rise and the Everest is over 1200 metres.

Speed has taken over as the essential ingredient in the modern day racehorse, and while race clubs continue to cater for horses with the majority of races over 1000 to 1200 metres, there is no point in trying to breed stayers, it is a lost cause.

Breeding and racing has changed, there are those that invest in the industry that are looking for a quick return, and you are more likely to get it in a sprinting pedigree.

Pace is becoming a dominant factor in the breeding of the thoroughbred horse, while that could be scoffed at by the purists; however, it is a reality.

Henry Field is a good operator, he cannot afford to let the grass grow under his feet, this is big business as was shown in Sydney last week when 14 yearlings were sold for $1 million or more, unheard in this country previously.

Blue Diamond Stakes Extreme Choice C Newitt GAZ 5272 Custom

Extreme Choice winning the Blue Diamond Stakes

Bloodstock breeding has gone to a all time level, syndication is very strong, there is confidence in the industry and when there is confidence it stimulates interest, and in this case at the highest level.

It is an exciting industry that stimulates interest, not only for those already involved, but for those that are coming into the industry.

The risks are no greater than any other investment, if you are smart enough, you can trade out of your investment, with a profit, before sire’s progeny have even raced.

Capitalist is in great demand, as Golden Slipper Stakes winners always are, there is magic in that race like no other, possibly in the world, we owe so much to the late George Ryder, a man of great vision.

The breeding industry has changed, come September some stallions can be covering four mares a day, at six hour intervals.

Times have changed, the thoroughbred breeding industry is huge, the capitol investment is riding on an all-time high, there is quite a number of investors that don’t even own a mare, investing in stallion shares is becoming a challenge, and a rival to the stock exchange.

One such sire, a Golden Slipper success, had sired three crops of foals before he had a runner, grossed $29 million in stud fees, that is not to be sneezed at.

Flying Artie 058 Jack 2 Custom

Flying Artie winning the Danehill 


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